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Let’s COOK happiness.


It is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and invariably we deduce that the way to good food is through a smart modular kitchen. Perhaps that is why the femme brigade of our country considers cooking as a cardinal affair. To make cooking an easy, cheerful and cushy affair, we bring to you a wide range of modular kitchen set-ups and appliances. As Lucknow is rapidly striding towards a metro lifestyle, it is about time that our folks should now enjoy a luxurious cooking time. Gone are the days when our moms and wives would crib and curse about the mess and fuss of kitchen chores. With the sleek, stylish and striking features modular kitchens are very much the in thing now and are already the heartthrob of our womenfolk.

With spacious cabinets, smooth noiseless drawers, options for pantries and separate befitting spaces for almost every kitchen item, modular kitchens provide you the feel of utter perfection. They come in a sundry of colours, patterns and textures to complement the interiors of your sweet home. The best part about modular kitchen is that they come in standard sizes and ready to fit parts, hence installing them or replacing certain parts isn’t a jumbo affair.

Cooking is an art and who so ever cooks is an artist. By installing an organized and disciplined kitchen, we can pay our share of respect to this ever-so-pivotal art.  We, at Luckow Kitchens bring to you a rich collection of modular kitchens to suit your needs and demands at very reasonable prices. So whenever you feel like making your kitchen queen smile, just visit us and get your favourite kitchen installed. We wish u bon appétit and bon cuisine!

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