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Kitchen Types

Every kitchen has got a style of its own. Those are not just cooking rooms, rather they are the life and soul of any house.  To get good food, your cook must be happy and for your cook to be happy, your kitchen should be happy. For your kitchen to be happy you need to have a proper kitchen type installed The space, ambience and shape of kitchen matter a lot when it comes to building the aura of the kitchen. Different types of kitchen setups are available for different types of houses. The shape of the kitchen and the arrangement of appliances and accessories define the type of the kitchen. Kitchen types that are compatible with modular kitchen are E shaped, F shaped, Island, L-shaped, peninsula, parallel, T shaped and U shaped kitchens. The above said kitchen types can now be easily installed at your house as the wait is over. Lucknow Kitchens is in your city now. All the doubts relating to kitchen set up and shape can be asked from our experts. We give you some really wonderful ideas regarding your kitchen type. You just need to do one little task and that is to inform us about which set up did u like, and in no time you will see that  your dream kitchen has already been set up.

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E Shape Kitchen

A kitchen in the shape of an E is no longer a dream now. Installing an E shaped kitchen is just as easy as it is Read more

F Shape Kitchen

F shaped kitchens are increasingly gaining popularity among those who have a passion for smart kitchens. Read more

Island Kitchen

Kitchen which has got the main working part in the centre of it and the rest of the cabinets are all around it, is called Read more

L Shape Kitchen

L shaped kitchens generally consist of two adjacent walls customized for kitchen slabs, cabinets and shelves. Read more

Line Kitchen

Straight line kitchens have a great depth of field. With neatly aligned cabinets, parallel shelves, disciplined aura Read more

Parallel Kitchen

This arrangement involves both opposite walls of the kitchen room.  One side is used up as working Read more

Peninsula Kitchen

Peninsula is yet another exotic kitchen type which shuns the barriers between kitchen and living space. Read more

T Shape Kitchen

T shaped kitchens serve multiple purpose and are quite genuine for storage space, working space Read more

U Shape Kitchen

Three walls, all of which are perpendicular to the adjacent one, make up a U shaped kitchen.  This kitchen Read more

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